Campaign print motives.
You never looked so good
In order to feel beautiful, some people may need to exercise a lot. Ironically the action of exercise is often far from flattering. By using the look of traditional sports brands, this campaign, developed for a premium fitness club in Munich, highlights the bravery of people by showing them at their worse, and in doing so, aligns itself with the "real beauty" trend in advertising.​​​​​​​

Ce dicton illustre parfaitement le concept de cette campagne réalisée pour un club de Fitness munichois haut de gamme. En capturant les grimaces de sportifs en plein effort et en apposant la phrase "Tu n'as jamais été plus beau", je mets l'accent sur le courage de ces sportifs, révélant leur "vraie beauté" et positionnant ainsi la campagne dans cette même tendance créative.

Role: Conception, Art Direction & Production.
Campaign print motives.
In Munich
Online: Website & Social Media
In LEO's Sports Club
Behind the scenes
Client: Leo's Sports Club
Agency: Hello-München GmbH, Munich
CD: Markus Heindl
AD: Hélène Zorzi

Photography: Kai Neunert
Aired locally, in Munich.
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