How I work
The Rajec Water TVCs was a project I loved, but it was interrupted just before the shooting. However the methodology used to develop that campaign illustrates well the way I work. This page is an invite to enter into my head.

Processus de conception
Les 2 films publicitaires de Rajec Water étaient un projet qui me tenait à coeur. Malheureusement interrompus juste avant le tournage, ils montrent néanmoins la méthodologie dont je fais preuve dans mon travail de conception et de direction artistique​​​​​​​.

Role: Conception, development.
"Nature is tough, even on its water".

Mother Nature is challenging. She doesn't spare anyone and indiscriminately puts high demands on everyone, even on herself. But to create the purest spring water of the deep Slovakian forest, toughness is a necessary process. 

Rajec is the #1 water brand in Slovakia and is #6 in Czech Republic. The brand has a consistent positioning and communicates only by showing the untouched Nature of the Rajec Valley and its animals. Any human presence or artificial element are an absolute no-go!
Moodboard 'Rain Storm'
Dramatic rainy atmosphere, desaturated blueish colours with strong light points, showing the power of Nature (heavy clouds, lightenings, pouring rain) on the Slovakian forest animals, hiding from the rain, facing the rain, looking sad and cold.
Moodboard 'Wind Storm'
Dramatic windy atmosphere, desaturated earthy colors with strong light points, showing the power of Nature (strong wind, broken trees, falling rocks, water stream in the storm) on Slovakian forest animals facing a strong wind, avoiding flying branches, not able to fly or walk straight.
The film shows a dramatic journey of a bear cub through the nature in very challenging conditions.

The cub is fighting with a storm and strong wind.
Soaked to the bone, it makes its way through the bushes, its legs slipping on a muddy slope.
He attempts to find shelter under a reef, but a lump of rock is stroked by a lightening and everything is swept away, rolling down the slope.
Exhausted, with a dripping coat, the cub goes on a forest path under thunderous drumming of rain and lightnings, meeting other frightened animals on the way.
Eventually, we see his reflection on a surface of the nearby creek. Our cub goes towards the water.
Suddenly the wind calms down, the sky clears up, and the rain stops.
When the sun appears among the clouds, our cub shakes off the water and finally takes a rest beside the stream of clear water.

VO: “Nature in Rajec Valley is challenging.
Even on its water. That's why it is so pure."
Some scenes from the film:
Ending & Packshots:
Camera pan from the bear enjoying the water to the packshot. VO.
But, it starts raining again and the cub leaves.
Moodboard 'Flavors'
Close-ups on the flavors being hardly treated by Nature. Use of slow motion and fast videos to emphasize the drama.
Flavored water packshot adaptation.
Advertising films references:
BBC Sport - Winter Olympics 2014
BBC Sport - Winter Olympics 2014
Quechua "We all need warmth"
Quechua "We all need warmth"
Shangri-La "It's in our nature'
Shangri-La "It's in our nature'
Tullamore Dew "The other wall"
Tullamore Dew "The other wall"
Welsh Lamb "Wet your appetite"
Welsh Lamb "Wet your appetite"
Volvic water "Unstoppable volcanicity"
Volvic water "Unstoppable volcanicity"
Client: Rajec Water
Agency: Leagas Delaney, Prague
CD: Tereza Sverakova
AD: Hélène Zorzi

Chosen Director: P. Minor
Airing planned for Czech Republic & Slovakia
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